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Board of Directors

P. Nandadasa Narayana (Chairman)

Mr Nandadasa is a Mechanical Engineer who worked many years at the State Timber Cooperation as well as the Port Commission. His Business studies at Stanford University in USA made him to broaden his vision to take tougher challenges in the uncharted business domains.
His motto was “You Name it We make it”. It was possible with his indigenous and Innovative 160 production Processes developed todate. It made him to make Flexport, an innovative company who took the challenge of making custom products from castings to packaging all under one roof.  
He’s the founder of pioneer of Flexport Little Three Daughters’ a company rolled out about 48 years ago which became to the platform to launch a new company, Flexport (Pvt) Ltd in 1975. His family business is backed by over 400 craft family members serving him for the last 48 years.
He has held the post of Chairman since the inception and is also diversifying the business into many other innovative projects for sustainable growth.  
He’s the inventor of PacGro Natural packaging system to replace plastic & expanded polystyrene. It won the First Prize at the International Inventors’ Awards in Geneva, beating over 1000 inventions. It was declared as a Global Solution by WIPO, WTO, UN and WPO and published the news all over the world by CNN.
He will be the pioneer in Sri Lanka for franchising his 26 product lines to be sold in foreign countries as licensed franchises awaiting investors. Please see for investment opportunities in this web site.


P.  Nihal Narayana (CEO)

NihalAn agro specialist with a BSc from University of Peradeniya, was instrumental in setting up a Research and Development Division at Flexport which at present has developed over 160 innovative production processors under the initiatives of the Chairman Nandadasa Narayana.  As an example, he innovated a colour printing technology which is capable of printing imagery on any surface, be it metal, glass, acrylics or granite. This innovation has given Flexport a very competitive edge in the market as it could be embossed, de-bossed or chemically milled to any shape.


P. N. Nayomi Kularatne (Director Marketing/ Director Designs)

Nayomi KuatatneAn old pupil of Ladies College did her further studies at Open University of Sri Lanka on environmental studies. She is one of the three daughters of the Chairman and she was involved in his business from her school days. A chip of the old block, she has immense designing capabilities which won her the National Most Outstanding Designer of the year 2000 in Jewelry Designing and won awards and acclaims from Japan and Germany. She became one of youngest Presidents of the Lions International. Now she is the special coordinator of the Cabinet of Lions Club.


Dinu Narayana (Director IT)

Dinu NarayanaChairman’s only son, a graduate from University of Kelaniya, a Thomian who always loved playing with computers from early stages of life made him to excel at University in computing. He was awarded 1st class honours and two gold medals for best academic performances. He first started teaching Information Technology to the employees at the age of 7 when they were suffering from computer phobia. He proved that even children can surpass elders. He developed the company’s web site by himself when he was just 13 years. He extended his services for the growth of the company by using his ICT knowledge to streamline the processes and improve the productivity. His efforts to make Flexport a paperless organization and to commence custom made cyber-trade are on the verge of fruition.

Roshini Narayana (Director - Flexport USA)

RoshiniEldest daughter of the Chairman, a student of Ladies Collage and, a graduate of University of Colombo, sharpened her skills at the University of Nevada and presently engaged in market intelligence work for Flexport Innovations and Flexport franchise development in USA.
Her creativity and innovative skills with hands on sharpened at Flexport Factory is an added advantage. She is very excitingly engaged in few Corporate Social Responsibility Projects to enhance the quality of life of poor craft families in Sri Lanka.

Gothami PadmasiriGothamie Narayana (Proprietor - Flexport Singapore )

Youngest daughter of  the Chairman, a student of Ladies Collage, former confidential secretary of the Chairman. Her Market intelligence services rendered to Flexport Sri Lanka facilitated to produce many custom made products for Singapore Market.  She manages her home-run  material sourcing centre for the logistical requirements in Sri Lanka.